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The Turkey Trot is quite a spectacle!  Why not come and watch the start, or support runners around the course?  There are always plenty of spectators out, and one of the things the runners love about this race is the support they receive all the way round.

You can find approximate timings for various locations on the route in ‘Traffic Information’ below.

There will be some disruption to road traffic while runners pass through the village. The disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum. We have provided information below to help you avoid any disruption and delay. Delaying or advancing your journey by 10 minutes or so, or an alternative route, should allow you to minimise or avoid any waiting.

We have deployed Race Marshals at strategic points on the route, including all significant road junctions where fully-trained traffic control marshals are deployed.  Marshals may ask you to stop at a road junction on order to allow runners to pass. Please follow their instructions. Any delays will be kept to an absolute minimum.

The race starts at 10.30am on Church Drive near the junction of Walton Drive. Drivers and horse riders are advised to avoid this area from 10am to 10.40am.

Runners will proceed along Church Drive, turn right onto Wolds Drive, turn right on to Selby Lane, then go through The Square and leave the village via Bunny Lane. During this part of the race, the runners will all be bunched together. The last runner should clear the village boundary on Bunny Lane by 10.42am.

Drivers and horse riders are advised to avoid:

Wolds Drive between 10.30am and 10.40am.
Selby Lane, The Square and Bunny Lane between 10.35am and 10.45am.

If you are travelling at this time, you may find that you have to wait for the throng of runners to pass. Your wait should last no more than a few minutes.

The runners will then proceed to Wysall, Willoughby and Widmerpool.

Runners return to Keyworth via Stanton. Their route will be along Thurlby Lane, Stanton Lane, Nicker Hill, left onto Wolds Drive, right onto Walton Drive and left onto Church Drive finishing at South Wolds School. The first runner should pass the junction of Stanton Lane and Browns Lane after 11.31am and the tail of the race will pass this point before 12.47pm.

The winner can be expected at the school after 11.37am and the tail of the race should arrive at the school by 1.00pm.

Drivers and horse riders are advised that runners will be passing from Stanton into Keyworth along the route described above between 11.30am and 1.00pm. At this stage in the race, runners will be spread out or in small groups. Road users may experience some delays as runners pass the junctions along the routes. If you have to wait for a gap between runners, it will only be for a minute or so.

The organisers would like to thank everyone for their patience.

Entry Forms

Entry forms are available locally in Keyworth at the  Leisure Centre and the Key Health Club.

1st Local Runner

We have a prize category for our first male and female local runner. You have to live in villages on the course to be eligible.